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All About Big Kids Only

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All About Big Kids Only

Postby Star Way » Sat Sep 10, 2005 4:28 pm

The Big Kids Only forum (or BKO, as it's often referred to) is a forum where users who are at least 13 years old can post more mature things than anywhere else. It's purely for fun, and nothing that could be considered dangerous is allowed there. Essentially it's random discussion, only you're *really* allowed to do whatever you want.

However, the 13 years old and up rule is very strictly enforced. This is for everyone's safety. Also, to get in, you must meet the following criteria:

a) You must be 13. We're good at deciphering who's of age and who isn't. Don't try to bluff us, it doesn't work like that. ;)

b) You've been a member for one week.

c) You have a post count of 75+. (Rule required for users who have joined as of January 23rd, 2007. Those who joined before then only need 50+.) Posts made to Games (as well as numerous Newbies posts) will not count towards this total as outlined here. This is so we can get a better idea of your posting habits.

d) You must have made a thread for yourself in the Newbies forum where you mentioned your age. (If you never made one when you first joined, DO NOT make one for yourself now. PM me and we'll talk. But if you spam the forum just to get into BKO, I won't let you in.)

e) You must be in full compliance with all of the other rules here at LF. (Including the spelling/grammar rule!)

Please note that the users are pretty judgemental of who deserves to be there and who doesn't; if you have trouble typing in proper English, or you never have anything useful to contribute, we may not let you in. So please understand... to participate in mature discussion, you have to first prove that you are mature.

WHEN YOU QUALIFY TO BE ALLOWED INTO BKO: send a Private Message to one of the Admins with the phrase "I'm ready!" in your subject (and whatever else in the body... doesn't matter) just to show you read the rules. We'll evaluate your stats, and if you pass, you'll be added to the BKO-allow group and that will be that. :)

By the way, we reserve the right to remove people from BKO when we feel it's necessary, so don't try anything when you get in.
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