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This is an in-progress page for the Code Lyoko episode "Teddygozilla." Here, we will give the plot synopsis, a detailed plot summary, the characters involved, statistics about each character (who was devirtualized, who killed what) and trivia/inconsistencies regarding the episode.

Plot Summary

It's the day of Kadic Academy's prom, and Milly and Tamiya, the school reporters, are filming Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi as they set up the gymnasium for the big night. Sissy, Herb, and Nicholas taunt Milly about not having a date, causing her run from the school and seek comfort in her stuffed teddy bear. Milly takes the stuffed animal with her to the garden shed so as to be alone for a bit, but it is not long before Tamiya finds her and convinces her to come back, but she leaves her teddy bear behind. However, XANA has activated a tower on Lyoko and uses this opportunity to possess the Teddy Bear, and attacks Jim on its way out of the school. When the gang hears of the attack, Yumi has already left to get ready for the dance, leaving Ulrich to stand watch at the school in case anything happens and Odd to go on a solo mission to Lyoko to help Aelita find and deactivate the tower. The tower, however, is only found on accident when Odd jumps off of a cliff to catch Aelita, who spots a tunnel in the side. Meanwhile, Ulrich figures out that XANA is most likely heading to Yumi's house, as she is unaware of the danger. Ulrich beats XANA there, but only barely, and they run back to the school to evacuate everyone. XANA destroys a wall of the school, but as he does this and is about to grab Ulrich, Aelita deactivates the tower and the return to the past program is initiated.




Kill Count

Odd: Five Kankrelats, One Megatank


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