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The following is a list of episodes for Code Lyoko and Code Lyoko Evolution. The original series has 97 episodes aired across four seasons, with 26 episodes in Season 1 and Season 2, 13 episodes in Season 3, 30 episodes in Season 4, and a two part prequel. Evolution has one season thus far, with 26 episodes scheduled to air.

NOTE: If you're adding in links to the pages, keep in mind for ease of use in the future that there should be three pages. Each page linked here is in [[CL_##]] or [[CLE_##]] format, where the ## is the episode number. If an episode page does not exist, please also create a page in the format [[S#E#]], where S# is the season number (Evolution will be classified as Season 5) and E# is the episode number. The final page will be the episode name, in proper capitalization. Both of these pages should solely consist of the following line: #REDIRECT [[episode name here]]

Sounds like a lot? It really isn't. For example, the episode Teddygozilla has three pages: [[CL_1]] [[S1E1]] [[Teddygozilla]]

This will make it easier to use and maintain later. Thanks, guys.


Season 1 episodes

Season 2 episodes

Season 3 Episodes

  • XANA Awakens - Note: This was a two-part episode that chronologically takes place before Season 1. Due to when it was produced, it will be technically categorized as a Season 3 episode.

Season 4 Episodes

Code Lyoko Evolution: Season 1

Note: As Code Lyoko Evolution is still airing in France, episode names are rough translations of their French counterparts. If an episode airs in English and its localized name is different than the translation, the episode page will update and all redirects will be updated to follow suit.

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