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Hi! I'm Sithking Zero. You may know me from Youtube,, Gaia online, and Go to my homepage if you want more details!
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Summary: OddXSissi. One of my favorite pairings. I know there are others who are willing to write this, so get your keyboards going!
Categories: Ships, Ships > Odd and Sissi Characters: Odd Della Robbia
Summary: Just a general catagory where you can display your Code Lyoko Crossovers. Come on, I know you people are out there. It's not hard, I can see you. Any sort of crossover will do, from CLXGarage Kids to  CLXAvatar. I dunno. Just put your crossovers here.
Categories: None Characters: Aelita Hopper

Okay, listen up.

One of the things I love is Garage Kids fanfictions. Since there's no set rules, the author can pretty much go crazy with what they want.

So, I want people to write Garage Kids fanfictions. It could be about them, or... whatever! GO CRAZY!!!

Categories: None Characters: None