Aelita's Painful lesson by Dragon Hehe 54
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 Chapter 4: The Escape Lesson  “Now, Bitch I am going to teach you a lesson you shall NEVER forget.”, Said Sissi. “No way am I going to let this snobby Bitch get the best of me.”, Aelita thought to herself as she struggled to get her hands down to her hair to grab a bobby pin to pick the lock on the bondage cuffs with. She succeeded in picking the lock on them and then did the same to her ankle cuffs and the spreader bar. She picked her gear up and put it on. Hidden in her clothes were a few self defense weapons Yumi told her to always keep on her. She converted her clothing to a shinobi style jumpsuit. She put the hood up and used a scarf to cover her nose and mouth. Next, she pulled out a miasma mask to prevent her from inhaling the sleep powder on the Senbon she was preparing. She threw the weapon at Sissi, it made contact and the powder started circulating through her blood. “Ninja should never drop their guard!”, Aelita told Sissi as she was fading to sleep due to the sleeping drug that had been injected into her blood by a Senbon. Aelita left the room like nothing ever happened in the room leaving Sissi to sleep in peace. Four hours later Sissi awoke from her drug-induced sleep with a headache from hell and a burning desire to get her revenge on the newly trained Kunoichi. Sissi became more enraged because Aelita beat her at her own game and all her planning went down the drain. At that moment Sissi knew she needed a new plan.
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