Aelita's Painful lesson by Dragon Hehe 54
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Chapter 2: The Kidnap Sissi stayed up all night preparing and perfecting her plan to kidnap Aelita. The following night she broke into Aelita’s dorm room. She had all the tools she thought she might need to take Aelita. After Sissi entered the room she looked around to make sure no one else was there, to her relief it was only Aelita. “Thank god Aelita’s body guard is not here.”, Thought Sissi to herself. “Now I can get what I want without any interference.”, said Sissi as she went to work tying Aelita in a hogtie for transport and gagging her with a piece of duct tape across her mouth and headed to her dorm through the catacombs of the school so she would not be spotted by the school security forces.
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