Banned Religion by GarageKid
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Summary: Yumi's family has a secret to why they left Japan. Running away from your problems never solves them. Mainly after a number of the Japanese attack France. Now her and her family are in deep trouble. How will they get out of this mess? Read and find out.
Rated: T
Categories: Ships > Ulrich and Yumi, Seasons > Season 3 Characters: Aelita Hopper, Jeremie Belpois, Odd Della Robbia, Ulrich Stern, Yumi Ishiyama
Genres: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Romance
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Word count: 2646 Read: 1175
Published: Apr 04, 2007 Updated: Apr 04, 2007
Story Notes:
I do not own Code LYOKO. All characters, setting, ect. belong to their origanal owners.

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