A new lyoko warrior by korio
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The tower just activated Yumi, Odd and Ulrich goes to lyoko but xana infected

The computer. Leaving Aelita defenseless.


    (Elevator open)


Cameron: Ha I caught you


Jeremy: how the hell u got here, did you follow us?


            (Elevator open)


Odd: Jeremy we can’t get to lyoko… what is he doing here?


Jeremy: he follow us


Ulrich: oh well a couple hit’s to the head should knock out his memories!!


Cameron: oh if it’s an ass kicking you looking for, you came to the right place!!


Yumi: Ulrich, Cameron break it up. Jeremy what do we do now?


Jeremy: I don’t know you odd and Ulrich can’t go back to lyoko until I fix the virus to your virtualization forms.


           Aelita can you here me this is Jeremy


Aelita:  Jeremy I don’t see Odd, Ulrich or Yumi is everything ok?


Jeremy: yea xana set a virus to the virtual forms that they use to go to lyoko If we can find a person that don’t have DNA connected to the super computer (sigh) we need you Cameron.


 Cameron: No problem you help me with my geography and Italian homework so I should pay you back.


So is she hot have you tapped that?


                            Odd, Ulrich, and yumi busted out with laughter, Jeremy blushed


Aelita: what tap that?


Jeremy: don’t worry about that (still blushing)


                                                     (Elevator room)


               Jeremy: now go into one of the three scanner and I’ll start the process.

                Transfer Cameron, Scanner Cameron virtualization


                                                    (Polar sector)


Cool im a ninja monkey it’s weird but it can do… so were aelita?


 Aelita: Cameron


Cameron: hey Aelita, so what are we suppose to do?


Aelita: were have to go the tower it not far from here


Cameron: what are those creatures by that tower?


Aelita: oh no it a Crab and a block


Cameron: you stay here and I go fight those thin. …. Um Jeremy how do I fight them off?


Jeremy: oh yea I forgot I could only give you power that been you use but it two new you can have I’ll upload 66x shuriken and a sword and I’ll give you the ability to teleport.


 Cameron: Good enough for me let go


                                 (so Cameron begin to fight the crab he destroyed the crab 90 life points taken away)


         Cameron: I did it your not so (Bam) this shit hurrrrrrrrrrrrts


  Jeremy: oh no he been divirtualize aelita run to the tower


  Aelita: im In, Im putting in the code


                                                             (CODE LYOKO)


Aelita: I did it what did is Cameron ok


Jeremy: I just need to do this and… done the virus is fix now RETURN TO THE PAST NOW!!!!


                                                              (EARLIER DURING SECOND PERIOD)


Cameron: oh my gosh that was so fun I was like bang bang and the crab had nothing on me and...

Jeremy: Cameron you can’t tell anybody what happen

Cameron: sure


Odd welcome to the gang

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