Aelita's Painful lesson by Dragon Hehe 54
Summary: Sissi Kidnaps Aelita to teach her a lesson in Humility.
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BDSM(torture), Lolicon, Yuri, Language, Lolicon deals with 17 and younger girls; BDSM

1. Chapter 1: The Plan by Dragon Hehe 54

2. Chapter 2: The kidnap by Dragon Hehe 54

3. Chapter 3: A Rude Awakening by Dragon Hehe 54

4. Chapter 4: The Escape lesson by Dragon Hehe 54

Chapter 1: The Plan by Dragon Hehe 54
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. ; DO NOT READ THIS FIC IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY ANY OF THE WARNINGS LISTED ABOVE!!!  Chapter 1: The Plan It was March 20th and spring was in full bloom in France. Sissi was in her dormitory at Kadic Junior High School. She was planning on doing something evil to the Lyoko Warriors, but, mostly to Aelita. She was unsure of what it would be but she knew it would be very evil. At around 10:00 in the evening she discovered what she was going to do. She was breaking the rules of the school by using her Laptop computer to look for hentai and found a picture that showed a girl sexually torturing another girl that was tied up. Much to her surprise, she found herself aroused by this. She thought to herself, evilly “Maybe if I do this to that snob-nosed bitch, Aelita, I can teach a lesson to her and anyone I don’t like by filming it and sending it to them and distributing it on the web.” So the following day she started planning Aelita’s painful lesson in humility. She went to a nearby Sex specialty shop and bought some BDSM equipment and a webcam for her computer. “Tomorrow I will get that little bitch, Aelita, so I can torture her over the weekend”, said Sissi to herself.(A/N: it is Thursday in this fic)
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Chapter 2: The kidnap by Dragon Hehe 54
Chapter 2: The Kidnap Sissi stayed up all night preparing and perfecting her plan to kidnap Aelita. The following night she broke into Aelita’s dorm room. She had all the tools she thought she might need to take Aelita. After Sissi entered the room she looked around to make sure no one else was there, to her relief it was only Aelita. “Thank god Aelita’s body guard is not here.”, Thought Sissi to herself. “Now I can get what I want without any interference.”, said Sissi as she went to work tying Aelita in a hogtie for transport and gagging her with a piece of duct tape across her mouth and headed to her dorm through the catacombs of the school so she would not be spotted by the school security forces.
Chapter 3: A Rude Awakening by Dragon Hehe 54
Chapter 3: A Rude Awakening When Sissi arrived at her dorm after she captured Aelita, she turned on a web cam and went to work untying and retying Aelita after stripping her to her undergarments. The bondage Sissi chose was severe suspension bondage. The way she tied Aelita was using Bondage cuffs for her wrists and ankles and a spreader bar to spread her feet. All the bondage equipment was then attached to a pulley system and Aelita was risen off the floor resulting in mid-air suspension. Aelita woke up due to a cold draft she felt on her skin. When she looked down she panicked, she thought XANA possessed her Dorm room. Then she felt a dull pain in her wrists and ankles. She looked down, then up and realized the source of her pain, she saw the bondage cuffs and spreader bar. She looked around and was slightly relieved to see it was Sissi’s room, but than fear struck her because Sissi tied her up and her room was sound-proof. She looked at herself and realized why she felt the draft, she was only in her bra and panties. She attempted to sceam only to realize she was gagged(A/N: She was gagged by a ball-gag). Then as she became more alert, she noticed the web cam recording her humiliation. Then she walked in, the owner of this dorm, the devil herself, Sissi. She too was in only her bra and panties, she looked like she just had a shower because sh was glistening wet. At that moment Aelita’s hopes were shot. 
Chapter 4: The Escape lesson by Dragon Hehe 54
 Chapter 4: The Escape Lesson  “Now, Bitch I am going to teach you a lesson you shall NEVER forget.”, Said Sissi. “No way am I going to let this snobby Bitch get the best of me.”, Aelita thought to herself as she struggled to get her hands down to her hair to grab a bobby pin to pick the lock on the bondage cuffs with. She succeeded in picking the lock on them and then did the same to her ankle cuffs and the spreader bar. She picked her gear up and put it on. Hidden in her clothes were a few self defense weapons Yumi told her to always keep on her. She converted her clothing to a shinobi style jumpsuit. She put the hood up and used a scarf to cover her nose and mouth. Next, she pulled out a miasma mask to prevent her from inhaling the sleep powder on the Senbon she was preparing. She threw the weapon at Sissi, it made contact and the powder started circulating through her blood. “Ninja should never drop their guard!”, Aelita told Sissi as she was fading to sleep due to the sleeping drug that had been injected into her blood by a Senbon. Aelita left the room like nothing ever happened in the room leaving Sissi to sleep in peace. Four hours later Sissi awoke from her drug-induced sleep with a headache from hell and a burning desire to get her revenge on the newly trained Kunoichi. Sissi became more enraged because Aelita beat her at her own game and all her planning went down the drain. At that moment Sissi knew she needed a new plan.
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