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Did we lock this forum too soon?

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Did we lock this forum too soon?

Postby Stonecreek » Sat Apr 29, 2017 9:50 pm

I've sorta been struck by nostalgia lately, seeing active Code Lyoko discussion on other internet forums/message boards. It is active, entertaining, and totally reminds me of the good old days around here. Then, I come back for 4/22, and I can post everywhere. So, the site is not dead, and noone knows but me! I'm not in the habit of making rants, but right now I just want to have activity here again.

(And have the most recent post in each board...)

YDV wrote:Well you see, the amount of time we didn't normally hang around BKO is kind of like potential energy, and then when we all finally came back at the same time it's like letting loose a catapult. 8D

It's all very scientifical. |D

Ah, memories... ... hp?act=idx
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