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Lyoko Revolution (Fanfic)

For fanfic writers/readers. Post your fics, or recommend one that you thought was good!

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Lyoko Revolution (Fanfic)

Postby LightningWarrior » Fri Jun 14, 2013 10:14 pm Fanfic by Lyokolover910:
Rating: T
Cursing and Violent themes

It's a pretty decent fan-fic in my opinion. Although you have to keep reading to get to the good parts, but here are some pros and cons from what I've read.:

-Good use of an OC (not a Mary Sue)
-Okay story line
-Keeps close to how the Lyoko Warriors would act in situations and their personalities
-NOT A OC & Main character shipping fan-fic!
-Decent length of story chapters (after the first few chapters >>'')
- Good total story length (40 chapters) (both pro and con for those who enjoy drabbles)
- Little too much focus on the OC character
- SUCKISH GRAMMAR (in the first few chapters)
- SUCKISH starting chapters- very, very short first few chapters (The author posted a reboot story which fixes, to an extent, these suckish issues in the first chapters since the story was first posted a few years ago)
- Long updating times (completed last October and caused poor connectivity to previous chapters at a few points)

The author has done other works as well as done a one chapter story (drabble?) with UxY for those who are a fan of that. Read a few chapters and then post what you think about it below

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