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TheAppleFreak's Occasional Drabble Thread

For fanfic writers/readers. Post your fics, or recommend one that you thought was good!

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TheAppleFreak's Occasional Drabble Thread

Postby TheAppleFreak » Sun Mar 10, 2013 2:51 pm

Might as well begin posting drabbles here! Given as I've written at least three drabbles in the past two months, I might as well begin making a collection.


A Great Night (AU prequel to Ultimatum)


Even the best of men aren't immune to it (a tale of the dangers of spinny chairs)

Spoiler: show
The sounds of typing rang out in the computer lab, falling on only Jeremy's closed ears. He couldn't afford to lose concentration, with the program so close to being done...

And just like that, it was finished. He leaned back and smiled at the new code he had written, a program that would potentially allow for code to be held within the Lyoko Warrior's bodies. What would be the use of it? Jeremy wasn't sure right now, but he probably would think of a use later. Maybe he'd store in them backups of Lyoko's code, so he wouldn't have to rewrite every sector by hand in the event of deletion. But really, what would the chance of that happening again be?

His right pinky finger slammed into the large enter key on the Supercomputer keyboard, telling the Supercomputer to begin compiling his code into something the machine would understand. As the giant computer two floors below began growing louder under load, Jeremy glanced over at his big to-do list. It was still quite long, but with the Supercomputer dedicating its time to making sure this first program worked, a minute's break probably wouldn't be too harmful.

He fingered the controls on the side of his chair, moving it to the other side of the Holosphere projector. A small smile creeping across his face, he nudged the pressure-sensitive switch for rotating the chair. It began spinning in spot, slowly at first but growing ever so quicker, until Jeremy was laughing with glee. Hitting a third button to make the chair coast to a stop, Jeremy laughed as the dizziness came to a stop. Oh god, how he loved spinny chairs.

As soon as his vision stopped swimming, he looked over at the computer screen again. The progress bar was still only about a quarter of its way to the end of its track. With that much time left, why not make himself dizzy enough that he'd puke? The energy in Jeremy's enthusiastic button press was only beat by the gigantic smile that was painted across his face, as the chair began spinning around and around again.

As he laughed, he failed to notice the code window on the Supercomputer distort with a malignant entity, the code source slipping into nothingness as XANA stole it. The Superscan window briefly popped up, but was dismissed before it could make a sound. A fine line of smoke popped out of the keyboard, snaking its way down to the motor controls of the chair. Seconds later, XANA had claimed the chair as something in his own domain.

Jeremy was just getting ready to bring the chair back into coast when it began speeding up. The smile quickly turned to worry; he liked this chair! If it was broken, he couldn't just get a new one... It was becoming harder to hold onto the sides of the chair as it spun faster. Regardless of the frantic button pushing, the chair refused to listen to its operator. And with a final scream, Jeremy flew from the chair and crashed into the other side of the room.

He stayed conscious just long enough to text Aelita to stop him from playing with spinny chairs ever again.
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