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Foboh's Code Lyoko Torrent - only 10 GB! (Nevermind)

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Foboh's Code Lyoko Torrent - only 10 GB! (Nevermind)

Postby Foboh » Sun Mar 22, 2015 7:53 am

It is I, Foboh, The Erector of Epicality. I'm the Jack of all 3D Graphic Design trades, completer of none; I pretty much never finish a project. I have created a Google Drive folder where anyone can share their thoughts on an entirely different Code Lyoko series..... but don't go there yet because I haven't even finished writhing the introduction.

Age: 13 +3 years of maturity according to a person that thought I was over 16 on a video game communication server.

Gender: I am and simply on to you (male, but that information is useless because I do not posses and quality of manfulness or girlfulness)

Reason for username: When I was like 6 I made the name Folo on ...that website hasn't changed a bit... anyway- I lost the password to that account and made the account Foboh. I don't plan on changing it. I never even changed my password; I use the same one for every account I have ever made including this forum.

Anything else you'd like to tell us?: Weellllll-

Posting torrents on websites without proper DMCA takedown support is a bad Idea
You may or may not be able to get this 10 GB torrent on hint, hint

I think the formatting on this post is pretty so I'm leaving it here but without working download links

Spoiler: show
Want to be a pirate even though the whole original Code Lyoko series is available for free here?

Well out of fear of the original series being lost to random companies that claimed the rights to the show forever (or just gone from existence) I've made the highest quality torrent download of the Original Code Lyoko Series. 37 HOURS OF VIDEO compressed without quality loss down to 10 Gigabytes! That's half of the leading 24.17 Gigabyte torrent which features blocky compression and skips every other pixel row to save space!

See the difference:

Pixel-Skipping (Interlacing)
Left: My Torrent                                Right: The leading torrent Full View

Blocky Compression
Left: My Torrent                                Right: The leading torrent Full View

Welp, here's the torrent. Please seed! ImageDownload Code Lyoko - The Original Complete Series.torrent

or instantly open your torrent downloader with this Image Magnet Link (Not Working) - I coded that webpage myself :D EDIT: My website works fine normally but it doesn't work hosted on Google Drive for some reason. I asked a question on the Google forums

No one's seeding? Only download from this Google Drive folder if you're going to seed the thing - I will know how many people clicked it

What even is seeding? Well it's how torrents work. Instead of one server giving you food, the entire restaurant has a food-fight and everyone gets food. So when your done downloading, just leave the torrent downloader app in the background and it will throw files at other people.

I don't even know what a torrent is! To get this you will need a torrent downloader. My favorite torrent downloader is Deluge just because it didn't crash when I tried making this torrent file and also because it doesn't have advertisements in the program; it's 100% free and open source.

A popular downloader is uTorrent but Vuze looks a lot better based on their screenshot. You can also try Hive click Open the web app in the top-right to use on PC.

Pirates use torrents because they can't be stopped easily. If one server is giving people illegal food, a company can just tackle the server, but when everyone is throwing food, it can't be stopped because tackling a civilian, let alone a hundred civilian food throwers, is illegal.

I’d like to make a proper complete torrent of Code Lyoko Evolution but I don’t live where it was broadcasted. If I can help make that happen I will because even if it’s piracy (and it is) I want someone to be inspired by the epicality of Code Lyoko.
I don't know why you would do this but- Give me less than a penny just by looking at an AD! (Remember to turn off ADBLOCK)
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