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New Order

Talk about the episodes of the original series here! (Seasons 1-4)

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Do you like the new season of Code Lyoko???

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Postby DeadViolet » Sat Oct 01, 2005 9:24 am

i luv this!!! you think dat theyll replay the eppys after they finish season 2 on miguzi so me can tape the chips are down? su?

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Postby OB-waN » Sat Oct 01, 2005 9:29 am

Odds are VERY VERY VERY good that this season will repeat itself over for a while, maybe not as much as last season but if any of you missed a episode you will get another shot. CN knows that some people missed some or some didn't even watch, so if they want more people to watch, show the episodes again.

That's why I have almost stopped watching this season, I hate to miss even 5 minutes of a show, and if it's my favorite show....forget about it, I'm so I will just wait for it to show over again,plus I got homework to do's more important than a show, I'll tell you that!!!!
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Postby Lyokogirl_147 » Sat May 05, 2007 6:28 pm
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Postby Vodka's Vengeance » Sun May 06, 2007 8:37 pm

It's freakin' sweet! :D
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Postby Carth » Mon May 10, 2010 8:49 pm

I have to say...watching all these old, jaded members go gaga over a CL episode is nothing short of frickin' hilarious. Espeically since I have a feeling that, given the chance to watch it again, they'd just yell sex jokes the whole time. (Come to think of it, I would too. But anyway.)

SEASON 2 TIME. Season 2 is great because Season 2 means an arc plot, improved animation, vehicles, Aelita on Earth, William, Hiroki...

And, as I see right now, a new opening sequence! Instead of being purple, it is now blue! And it's full o' clips. I can just imagine the excitement as some people saw all these new shots. Ohai Tarantula. Ohai Aelita. Ohai Creepers. Ohai Overboardbikewing. Ohai Sector 5. Ohai Skippy.

And ohai new title cards! These I always found to be prettier than the old ones. And they have episode numbers. Tis convenient.

And here we are! New music, I think? And THE RACE! OVERBIKE. OVERBOARD. From what I recall, I got a copy of a storyboard from this scene in one of my DVD sets that I never watch. Hi, Jeremie's Season 2 voice and Odd's Season 2 screech!

I like this opening. Season 1 was never very good at them. Season 2 is. And Lyoko feels more familiar now that they has vehicles. It's the "No, Odd" scene! Look, Ma, I'm not looking where I'm going like an idiot!

Trajectory? Whazzat? Oh that's what it is. OVERWING. AND AN AELITA. I like seeing them just goof off in Lyoko. Fwends.

"What happened, Odd? You miss a step?" It's strange to see them laugh in Lyoko.

Why does it sound like Jeremie has the slightest hint of a valley-girl accent? That's not the point. Mysterious mystery approaching. Mysterious mystery is clearly a Tarantula! Hi, Tarantula!

"It says here that it's got more life points than the others." Is that exactly what it said?" Life Points: More Than The Others?

Definite improvement in the Lyoko animation, I've just noticed. Everything looks a lot more streamlined. I guess that's what two years of technological development does for you. And the Lyoko action is

"What does it take to destroy this thing?" Uh, an arrow to the eye?

Did Yumi have to backflip to her vehicle? Showoff. "Go on, we'll be watching you." She's totes humoring Odd. Odd go spin. Aelita go in tower. Really unbeatable? You have no problems later. And there goes Odd. Tarantula wins.

Ulrich cutscene. And so they return.

"Your aunt what?" x3 So Odd names all the monsters, does he?

"What troubles me is that our friend XANA has found a way to increase his power?" What's this? A developing plot thread? Continuity? Damn, Code Lyoko, you've grown since I last saw you! <s>Wanna make out?</s>

Oh, I just noticed Aelita's in her new dress! I used to hate that dress. I called it her hobo suit. But, looking back, I like that dress a whole lot more than I like her S4 outfit.

"Should we tell her?" Yes, tell her! Yay. Now the plot can be plotular again. Is it just me, or did Aelita's voice evolve too? Or did it evolve later? It seems to get less ethereal and more...colloquial over time. And they make Aelita happy. Yay. They used that face of hers twice.

And here we are, Aelita's first day of school! There's Jim again. Aelita Stones! Name #2. (Or #5, if you're into such pesky things as chronology.) Like the rock group. Whatever that means. So she's Canadian now, not Dutch. Canadians are awesome. Even fake Canadians.

Room regulations. Wasn't this the first time their last names were mentioned onscreen? I think they were. From what I recall they were in the manual for some time. "THAT IS IF THEY CAN REMEMBER THEM." Lul.

Yay giggling!

SCIENCE TRIP TO A GARDEN THING. And the plot rolls on! Funny how Aelita had such a big intro in False Start and little to get her started here.

Milly and Tamiya! Nice to see these two again. That's some fancy equips them got. And Jeremie nerds and Aelita loves it. How cute.

And this is so cute, too! Is Ulrich asking her whether she wants to be his partner, or trying to ask her out on a date? Considering the status of their relationship pre-William, it could be either. But the stages he goes through are so cute...poor thing, and he was so excited too. I'm not gonna reproduce his dialogue. Go watch it.

"Yo, Yumi!" And there he is, <s>Carth's</s> everyone's favorite Memetic Molester/Sex God and Stalker With A Crush, William Dunbar! Nice to see you popped out of the imagination bin finally in all your tight-jeans glory. He wasn't often well drawn in Season 2. How sad.

"Oh, you're Ulrich Stern. Yumi mentioned you." Dayum, boy, that's cold! And doesn't Ulrich look pissed! I can imagine he's imagined about five different ways to beat William's arse right now. And that his confidence in Yumi's taken a tumble as well...

"Oh, that's William. He's the new guy. He got kicked out of his last school. He's totally cool." I wonder what everyone thinks he got kicked out for. Probably not for being a hopelessly romantic creep.

Yay city! Do trees really grow branches that way? If so it's ackshulee kinda neat. It's so cute that they actually find those amusing conversation topics. Indeed they are Mr. and Mrs. Einstein. And now Nicolas does not know who Einstein is. He caught the stupid.

Except Sissi still appears to have enough to survive. At least that takes her out of the episode.

Jeremie cutscene. Here we are...the woods of DESTINY. Aw, he has to reassure her that there are no monsters. Jeremie can't suspend disbelief? Well he sure doesn't sound like any fun!

"I've got my work cut out for me with XANA." And this is where Jeremie's relationship problems begin. And what's the matter, dear? Leave part of your soul behind?

Aelita's voice sounds normal and non-ethereal already! She's adjusting! And thus does Aelita get left in the middle of the woods...for the monsters to get her. Oh yeah.

Stalker Ulrich is a stalker. I love how they're sitting on opposite sides of that tree. xD

"I can't figure you guys out. Are you going out together or not?" Odd, dear, I think Ulrich and Yumi are too complicated for our simple minds. "Right now I'll bet he's completely snowing her." Never heard that term. But yeah, yeah he probably is.

"I wouldn't call myself a rebel. I'm just a little rebellious." LOVE that line. He does use two different words in the French, I checked ("vrai rebelle" and "insoumis", which means "aggressive"), which is kinda disappointing. But if it's a translation error, it's a sexy one.

"I object, your Honor...they were love letters." Now this is intriguing kinda. I wonder why they never expanded on it. So, William's done this whole obsessive love thing before? And those letters must have been REALLY bad/creepy if he got EXPELLED for them. Does Yumi not consider this?

Do I spy Yumi blushing? So she DID have feelings for him, maybe a little. I could guess she was infatuated with him for a little while, considering she blows Aelita off for him in the next ep as far as I remember...anyway I'm done here. Moving on.

Aelita all alone in the scary woods? This can't be bad at all! Strange wolf-growly noises? And as soon as she hears the wolf howl, she takes off and goes crazy. Suddenly, with info from the novels, this whole scene makes sense...dogs or wolf-looking dogs were involved in Antea's capture...and it's well-done and mysterious, especially to us who only thought Aelita was a program...nice shaky camera. Feels like Blair Witch.

And wouldn't you know it, that looks like an activated tower! I'm psychic! TWO Tarantulas. Here comes formulas back again!

Odd, worrying about grades? Or just annoyed that Ulrich hasn't taken his eyes off Yumi and William? Probs both. Lul, they still have clunky phones. XANA time. Huh, why Odd be all grinnin' at the camera?

"Is Yumi with you?" "No. I'd rather you called her yourself." And Ulrich becomes a sulking machine. Poor dear.

And lookit William, reciting whatever poetic thing comes to his head to impress Yumi. He shares a name with a 16th century poet, so maybe that makes sense. SUB<s>DIGITALS</s>SONICS. Wondered when they would show up. Looks like they found a common liking! Except he can't connect with her too much, cause he won't be a Lyoko Warrior for another few months...

"Yumi? YUMI?" She does this a lot, doesn't she? Just leaves ol' Willbutt without any ceremony? Anyway, nice to meet you!

Will finish later.
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Postby Carth » Mon Jun 14, 2010 6:18 pm

Sorry about the delay in finishing this! Exams and projects and stuff attacked, and now that I'm out of their cluches I can get on with getting on with New Order! Especially now that I've just realized how little of Season 2 I've seen since...2005, actually. o__o Anyway...where were we? Oh, right, Yumi abandoning William. Poor twit.

Aww, Aelita! D: And looky loo at that thar house. Sure, Aelita isn't so much looking at it as she is hallucinating it from 10+ years in the past, but look at it! I always wondered where exactly the Hermitage was. It seems to be in the middle of the forest but the kids always seem to be able to get there pretty quickly from Kadic...

The stairs always look really weird from a top-down angle. Aelita, I think that if you're drawn to go exploring an abandoned house, it might have some meaning to you...!

"Is anybody home?" Did the overgrown walls, lack of a car and BROKEN WINDOW YOU'RE SHOUTING INTO not convince you of this fact? (I love this show.) XANA.

Ohai, Kiwi's genitalia. D: What does Ulrich think he's going to be kicking, anyway? William in the face? Either way, he makes an awkward situation even more awkward. Go him! Though it sounds like Yumi's rattling off every comeback she can think of rather than just sticking with one.

The Hermitage, even in shambles, is a huge and gorgeous house. Project Carthage must've been paying Franzy H. pretty handsomely if he can afford this AFTER he left them. And even the shambles add a layer of beauty to it. Hm, there's a room that looks like it was once a kitchen. Never noticed that before. XANA-specter, stop being all up in Franz's kitchen.

I bet every one of those papers is meaningful.

Ah! vous dirai-je, maman, ce qui cause mon torment...I can almost hear everyone watching this back in 2005 going "HUUUUUH?" Come to think of it, seeing this, I don't know why we didn't all immediately figure out he was Aelita's father. On an entirely other note, I wonder where that piano ended up. It doesn't seem to be in the room now. It probably got looted...

OHAI FRANZ HOPPER HOW YA' DOIN. If Franz Hopper takes his glasses off, the world will split in half, but if they glow at you, the world only splits in quarters.


Poor Jeremie - he just got Aelita out of danger and now she has to go and get herself back in it again! Hey, wait, how did those three end up finding the Hermitage? Aelita had psychic half memories to guide her, but they sure didn't! "Kiwi led us to an old house in the woods." Well, hey, maybe I should wait before I talk. D:

Sorry, kids, this house has a XANA in it. If you want to find Aelita you'll have to look harder than that.

And then my copy of the episode skips a good half a minute! D: Managed to find it online...House is attacking 'em! Aw, and Yumi pushes Ulrich out of the way! SHIP TEASE MOMENT YOU GUYS

Knives? Really, XANA? KNIVES? Good thing the kids jumped out of the way or things would've gotten out of the rating's hands!

Basement time! Rule of thumb, kids: If you think XANA's leading you somewhere, and you see Aelita, stay the hell on your toes!

"Don't worry, Princess, we're here." Am I right in saying the "Princess" nickname didn't catch on until this season? And how did Aelita know it was a trap if she was unconscious the whole time?

And then many people back in 2005 shouted OH NOES. But I, in 2010, only say DOHOHO. Ulrich and Yumi in the boiler room. Trapped in there. With the temperature rapidly rising...

There are WAY too many close shaves in this episode! Thankfully they're awesome close shaves. And again, if you didn't figure out who Franz Hopper was by this point, then I have some very bad news for you and your future career as an engineer. Anyway, passage to the sewers! Far less mysterious if you know the answer D:

I hear the gentle romantic music... "I should've told you about William sooner." I think that means she officially keeps him in friend territory at this point...poor things, trapped in a sauna alone with their thoughts...and us just grinning at them...

Elevator elevator. "We better hurry otherwise Ulrich and Yumi will end up like..." Dimsa? What now? Can't understand what he said there...

Scanner transfer virtualization! It's funny that Odd's scanner sequences are so old and yet Aelita's don't stand out as being especially new.

I always find it baffling how they can joke so much with their friends in danger. They're probably used to it and need the black humor to survive psychologically.

Oh, yes, Tarantulas! SO SCARY. Hooray for Aelita taking more character initiative! I don't think I have to complain about her being a stick in the mud anymore ;]

Ulrich...isn't wearing shoes! Yumi looks like she's regretting wearing a sweater all the time. And nor is he wearing a shirt. Hoohoo, kids. "Go ahead. I won't look." And the steamiest scene ever to be aired before Adult Swim on Cartoon Network Or in any other CL episode. Literally!

Tarantulas. Aelita's gotten snarkier already! "Did ya miss me? :3" And Tarantula go splode! Yay!

Odd's...out of arrows? I thought he didn't do that in Season 2! Shows what I know.

Meanwhile, back in the stew pot...even while dying they have to keep up their drama D: Ulrich go flump. Yumi is close to go flump. I'm making the scene sound silly but it really does work well with their emotions. I'm just laughing because it's happening.

Oh, so this is why he doesn't run out of arrows anymore! 10,000! Glad we had that question answered! (Would've been funny if he'd run out in, say, Season 4...) So this would be...Crouching Tiger Hidden Elf?


Nail biter minute! I wonder why Yumi lasted so much longer than Ulrich did. Poor things. Powerful shot. Tower deactivated. Returnintodapast.

And now for some mood whiplash as we see Sissi entirely fail at skipping assignments! I wonder how things went down this time. Must've been awkward for Yumi, at least. Hi William, bye William.

And now for the ending that introduces tantalizing mysteries! I'll admit, I'm excited myself to resee all this. (And hopefully find some more sense in Seasons 3 and 4...) And we end on the note of Aelita finally becoming a proper teenage girl! Yay!

"I thought that pink would suit you!" "Wow, cool, it matches your hair!" SEE, KIDS? IT'S PINK. PIIINNNKKKK. Aww, Jeremie gets huggles. And it's an Everybody Laughs ending. How sweet.

I hope I remember all these.

- Far more complex and promising than Season 1
- All sorts of cool new stuff
- 3D's been bumped up several notches
- Great plot exposition
- The sauna scene, of course
- Jeremie's voice

- 2D animation for this whole season is often off-model, and this episode is no exception
- Some suspension of disbelief

Overall, I'd give this one a near-perfect score. If you're going to rewatch any episode to remind yourself why you liked the show, make this one it.
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