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Forum-Specific Rules; Read Before Posting

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Forum-Specific Rules; Read Before Posting

Postby Star Way » Sat Dec 10, 2005 4:01 pm

These rules are especially strict, just to keep everyone happy. Please don't screw up in this forum. If you're set on doing something stupid, do it somewhere else. Harassing the VAs earns you an extra slap on the hand.

1. Use the search tool to your advantage. I can't even begin to describe how frustrating it is for everyone to see questions asked over and over again. That's partly why we even made a whole new forum just for the VAs: so that the search tool is more convenient.

2. Don't post zillions of questions all at once. We know you're excited, but there is absolutely no reason for you to spam the board with many posts at once. Pace yourself.

3. Think before you post. Come on guys... How would you feel if ten people were all asking you something as broad as "What's it like playing____?" Ask something intelligent! :)

4. Be respectful of the VAs. This includes being impatient when they don't happen to respond instantaneously to your question. They're busy people. Get over it.

5. Don't expect them to read your fanfiction. In fact, you should probably just not even bother with trying to get them to read your fanfic. Fanart is okay, though, as long as you're not shoving it down their throats. ;) (But even then, don't get your hopes up too much.)
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