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Forum-Specific Rules; Read Before Posting

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Forum-Specific Rules; Read Before Posting

Postby Star Way » Wed Nov 23, 2005 4:16 pm

This is a forum inwhich you can post your problems so people can try and help you with them. "Problems" can be anything from something as serious your parents devorcing, to things as small as you being mad at your math teacher for chewing you out for something you didn't even do.

Like the Games forum, you can use a few more vulgarities here than in other places; however there is a line between tasteful and unnecessary, and if you can't see that line, then the mods and/or myself will step in.

No F-words, okay guys? :)

New rule from Feb. 9, 2006:

One/two/three poorly typed sentences talking about why you hate your lives are not good rants.

Make them longer and more descriptive, and use proper English, please.... You just look like whiney little tweens when you make posts like, "zomg i hat mi skool!1!11 n also mah bf/gf broak up wit mehhhh!!!1 fix it plz *ten sad smilies in a row*"

From now on, threads like that will be locked/deleted. :3
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