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FAQ #9: What are the voice actors' usernames?

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FAQ #9: What are the voice actors' usernames?

Postby Star Way » Tue Sep 20, 2005 8:21 pm

I've been getting this one a lot lately so I thought I'd make an FAQ post for it. (That way I can yell at people who ask me that question again. ^_~ Just kidding...)

The voice actors (as of yet) that are here are:

Jodi Forrest (Sissi) - bambi
Matthew Geczy (Odd) - MG
Mirabelle Kirkland (Yumi) - mirabelle
David Gasman (Jim) - Cher's Spare Parts
Sharon Mann (Jeremie/Aelita) - jerlita
Barbara Weber-Scaff (Ulrich) - kiwi
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