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FAQ #4: Where do I post fanart with mature content in it?

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FAQ #4: Where do I post fanart with mature content in it?

Postby Star Way » Tue Aug 23, 2005 6:37 pm

That depends on what kind of "mature content" it is.

The following can be posted in the Fan Art forum so long as the art has been linked to (no matter what the size is) and has a visible warning with it:

-More-or-less innocent nudety (nothing sexual)

-Bloody or otherwise obscene violence

-Usage of drugs/alcohol/tobacco (This may actually vary; if the fanart is glorifying the usage of such items it should be posted to Big Kids Only.)


The following must be posted in Big Kids Only:

-Fan art containing sexual images of any kind

-That which was mentioned above, about glorified use of drugs/alcohol/tobacco

If you still aren't sure where to put your fanart, send me a PM and we'll discuss it.
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